Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pool Boy

So it's official...I'm a blogger. I'd say "we're bloggers", but let's face it...the hubs wants nothing to do with blogging. It's not really his thing. 

Speaking of my better half, for purposes of the blog we'll be calling him the Pool Boy. For those of you that know us personally know that for work purposes I can't say his name. That left us with the painstaking decision of coming up with a nickname for him. 

Here was how Pool Boy came to be...We recently went to the Dominican for our two-year belated honeymoon (more on this later) and adored being near the water --> Returned home from said honeymoon to hot, humid, gross weather --> Really missed having a pool/ocean to jump in --> Randomly purchased the not-so-chic above ground pool that is 3.5 feet deep with inflatable rim (talk about eye sore) --> Hubby really enjoys cleaning the pool and it's become his other half (I've been replaced) --> Hence Pool Boy. 

He loves his nickname by the way...he cracks me up. Although, I might have to reconsider calling him the Gardener after the yard work he threw my way last night. I mean really? Yard work on a Wednesday night? Ugh...but I did it anyway. The Pool Boy always gets his way.


  1. Could I be any happier about this blog!?!?!?!? You go girl. Now, keep writing. LOVE YOU!